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You know that all businesses should have an online presence. But are you also keeping up with the fast paced digital world? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does your website have a homemade feel?
  • Does your website look old or out of date?
  • Does your website function poorly or not at all on mobile phones?

Ok. Maybe you passed my first questions, but can you pass my second questions?

  • Are you looking for a not expensive but good-looking website?
  • Do you want your website to look professional?
  • Do you think your budget is too small to afford a website designer?
  • Are you at a loss on where to get a professional website?
  • Are you not familiar with domain, hosting server, and SSL Contract?

If the questions above describe you, then this is the right place for you. Let us give you some options.

Monthly Subscription Plan

We have the perfect website design + hosting plan for you. It's not free, but it’s not expensive either. Just $100 per month. That’s it. We build your website and then host it for you. We take care of your headaches for just $100 per month.

This plan includes:

  • Custom Domain Registration
  • A Professional Website
  • Responsive Design - Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Website Hosting
  • Backup Entire Website
  • Contact Form
  • Online Appointment
  • SSL Contract (HTTPS)
  • Manual SEO(Search Engine Optimization) setup on each page
  • Visualized Analytics Reports
  • Premium Plugins Options

Bottom line: We’ve got you covered. We will setup and run your awesome website quickly and safely.

Sounds good, right? You want to know where’s the catch?

$100 + extra: Even though we serve most small businesses for $100, if your website needs special functions, such as a shopping cart or credit card processing, we may ask you for a higher monthly subscription.

This will always be discussed up front, no surprises.

90% of current customers are in the $100 per month category.

2 year commitment - No one builds a nice website to only run for 2 years.

Our website design + hosting plan is designed for the long haul. Most local website companies charge a high initial setup fee (minimum fees are often thousands of dollars). But we lower the initial setup fee and simply set up a monthly subscription to help our customer’s finances.

We believe we cannot have success without our customer’s success. We are investing in our customers to grow their business by lowering an initial setup fee in favor of a 2 year contract.

Building a website

Another thing you should know is the website content is your responsibility.


You need lots of nice pictures of you, your employees, store, service, equipment, or anything related to your business.

Nice pictures mean NICE pictures. No one likes underexposed pictures or photos with bad composition.

Remember "One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words" (Fred R. Barnard) Your pictures represent your business to your website visitors.


We finish the website design with dummy content and you then provide us with the real content.

Do not underestimate how long it will take to finish delivering content.

My guess - If you are a diligent, experienced, self-controlled person, it will take about 2 weeks. If not, it could take 1 to 6 months.

Customized Content Services

(starting at $899 - one time fee)

We can provide professional photo shoots and text content service. This is a bargain. (You will know how much of a bargain if you try to do it yourself.)

Customized content service includes:

1 hour session within the Greater Memphis Area

Photos will be restricted for use on the website only. Digital copies will be available for separate purchase if you also need them for other projects

If we use stock photos to improve your website design, we will cover the stock photos cost.

We carefully pick industry keywords and write about your business.

You will review our text and have a chance to edit and approve before we launch the website.

Who is in an above $899 price category? It depends on the type of your business or size of your website.

95% of my current customers chose a customized content service (one time content fee)

What's next?

If you’re ready to have a professional and contemporary website, click the below link to set up a phone appointment.

This is a FREE phone consultation to learn about your business and see if we will be a good match to meet your website design needs.

Don’t forget - our service is not free, but it is the best buy we know.